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Pets Wanna Travel Services

Pet Travel

We handle the full process of pet travel. This includes airline bookings, pet customs clearance (both export and import), custom made pet travel crates fitted with everything your pet will need for travel  and even pet quarantine bookings should same be required.

State Vet Clearance

None of your furry family members will be allowed to travel unless they are up to date with all vaccines and have been issued with a state vet clearance certificate. All vaccines and health checks are scheduled in a certain way in order to ensure that the correct clearance is acquired.  

Veterinary Approved Establishment

Pets Wanna Travel is one of the very few establishments in South Africa which has received accreditation from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, as a veterinary approved facility. This means that our establishment is certified as an animal quarantine facility 

Pet Kenneling

Your pets will absolutely love our boarding facilities. We treat your furry family members with as much love and care as we do our very own. They are immediately part of the family and they are sure to  enjoy a happy and safe boarding experience, no matter how long / short their stay with us. 

Qualified on Site Veterinary Services 

Pets Wanna Travel have dedicated, qualified on site veterinary services so that you can rest assured that if any of your beloved animals require immediate medical attention same will be provided to them speedily and on site so as to avoid any delay. 

Pet Collections & Deliveries

We conveniently offer pet collections / deliveries. Our vehicle is well equipped and our staff have been professionally trained in the safe loading and transporting of your pet.

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